Salesforce Integration Services

The ease of integrating Salesforce with other third party applications is one of the major advantages of using Salesforce. Using Salesforce integration services, your team gets everything they need in one place. Aekot offers a complete suite services which include these types of Salesforce integrations -

  • Custom integrations using REST APIs and SOAP APIs
  • Salesforce integration tools such as Zapier, Informatica, Dell Boomi, Jitterbit and Mulesoft
  • Salesforce integrations by setting up apps from the AppExchange

Integrating other systems with Salesforce enables you to not only to get a 360-degree view of your business KPIs & customers, but also help you manage everything from inside Salesform platform. Integrating your customer data with marketing systems such as hubspot, marketo, moengage; and ERP systems like NetSuite, SAP shall help your business in drawing deeper insights which can directly translate into incremental business impact.

Leveraging the power of data stories

With the combined data from multiple systems, your teams can have easy access to information which helps them close more deals, improve ROI of marketing spends, enhance customer delight with better customer support, reduce costs by optimizing resource planning and management. An enjoyable digital experience loaded with the following advantages can help your team with their KRAs

  • Your teams will have access to crisp summary reports on all customers, marketing campaigns, performance metrics, CSAT, NPS and more.
  • No more switching between multiple systems and platforms to get data or perform tasks.
  • You have beautiful dashboards and reports providing an overview of your business and highlighting areas that need your attention - delivered right into your inbox. Whether you’re a CXO, vertical head, manager or an agent, there’s always a data story for everyone!

Process.. Process.. Process.!

As Salesforce integration service partners, we follow a proven Salesforce integration methodology that guarantees success.

We start with understanding your business, present technology environment, processes, goals and then work our way towards planning, execution, user-adoption and business intelligence. Then we start laying the groundwork by creating a visual flow chart of how the information shall flow between systems and the elements/components which will be involved. After a thorough assessment of present requirements and how the system is likely to change in future, we identify and propose the best solution for you.

Once the integration design is locked, we make your Salesforce org ready for the integration by creating objects & fields and if need be, revising the data and security model. The best solution which was identified for your business case would then be executed and tested rigorously. Our main focus then shifts to validating the data integrity and ensuring that it’s transformed and stored in a way that can facilitate all your business processes and be used for dashboarding and reporting.

Finally, we conduct a training session for your team to help them understand and use the system. We also brief them about how new functionalities and data can help them unlock hidden insights into their KRAs.

Why do you need an Expert for Salesforce Integrations?

Robust Design

A Salesforce inetegration expert will ensure that all third-party integrations follow best practices. This is very important as the present integration implementation should be able to accomodate any new changes made to the org in future.

Control and Configuration

A custom integration with any third-party app should try to maximize the number of control levers without compromising UX. Most integration settings should be configurable, allowing the users to make necessary changes with point and click.

Security & Access

Salesforce integration experts design the security model to restrict access & permissions for different users and also ensure that communication with third-party apps do not expose your data to cyber attacks.


Salesforce integration specialists help you in getting a high return on investment (ROI) with your Salesforce implementation by helping you close deals faster and increase your conversion rate.

Looking for help with Salesforce Integration?

Know more about we can help.

Why Aekot?

We are a small boutique salesforce consultancy and only work on a limited number of projects at a time. With customer satisfaction being our primary focus, we're more willing to provide the best in class services to each and every customer.

  • We pay attention to your business, goals and how your business runs. We’re very good at understanding & refining your business processes and then translating them into Salesforce solutions.
  • We're fast. We're transparent. And we offer world-class quality at the most competitive pricing due to our unfair advantage. We provide end-user training and support for end-user adoption even after the Salesforce implementation project has been completed
  • We’re analytics champions - We also help you measure your business KPIs and provide actionable insights through dashboards & reports to help your business grow faster

Aekot's Unfair Advantage

Salesforce Architects

Our Salesforce implementation experts are certified Salesforce System & Application Architects. Our team members have successfully led projects for Fortune 100 companies and have completed over 50 projects.

Quality and Agility

We understand that you want top quality delivered yesterday. We believe that quality & speed are building blocks for truly creating value for our clients. With us, you never have to worry about things like code coverage, project timeline and proper documentation.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive price in the industry for Salesforce implementation services while keeping our commitment to quality and speed. How do we do it? It's simple. We build real and valuable relationships with our clients.

Few Common Integrations

Some of the most common integrations with Salesforce -

  • Salesforce Outlook Integration
  • Salesforce Gmail Integration
  • Salesforce G-Suite Integration
  • Salesforce Mailchimp Integration
  • Salesforce Hubspot Integration
  • Salesforce Marketo Integration
  • Salesforce Docusign Integration

Ready to get started on your Salesforce integration? Take the first step and schedule a conversation with a certified Salesforce consultant to learn more about how it works.

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