Salesforce Implementation Partner

A neat and clinical salesforce implementation transforms your business by creating an easy-to-use digital experience which is fast and efficient. It’s a sophisticated yet powerful tool to serve your business requirements and provide everything you need in a single place.

Go for an Expert

As Salesforce implementation partner, Aekot Consulting assigns a Salesforce implementation champion for every project to guide the project to successful implementation. An expert who can understand the relevant business processes and smoothly communicate with the rest of the organization is key to transforming your processes and workflows.

Process.. Process.. Process.!

Aekot’s Salesforce implementation service follows a simple rule to success - Don’t start unless you have the COMPLETE flow of business processes clearly mapped out on paper until the very last detail (see an example case study). It’s part of the scope of work and guaranteed to save a lot of time, code and rework down the road.

We use our own template to generate a technical document to maintain details about standard & custom objects, the data model and the security model of the Salesforce org. The planning is always centered around user-experience and always aimed at end-user adoption. And we don’t stop there. We have our own in-house analytics champions who’ll help you measure the KPIs through beautiful dashboards and reporting.

Why do you need a Salesforce Implementation Partner?

Scalable & Robust Solution

Salesforce implementation partners ensure that your Salesforce org is able to support new features and integrations in the future by reducing direct inter-dependency between systems and decoupling all functionalities.

Business Transformation

Salesforce implementation companies design the architecture in a way such that it facilitates automation of business processses. It should be able to welcome enhancements in future and seamlessly adapt to new changes.

Security & Access

Salesforce implementation consultants design the security model to restrict access & permissions for different users and also ensure that integrations with third-party apps do not expose your data to cyber attacks.

Bang for the Buck

Salesforce implementation partners help you realize a high return on investment (ROI) with your Salesforce implementation by helping you you close deals faster and increase your conversion rate.

Looking for a Salesforce Implementation Partner?

Know more about how you can increase your revenue.

Why Aekot?

We are a small boutique salesforce consultancy and only work on a limited number of projects at a time. With customer satisfaction being our primary focus, we're more willing to provide the best in class services to each and every customer.

  • We pay attention to your business, goals and how your business runs. We’re very good at understanding & refining your business processes and then translating them into Salesforce implementation.
  • We're fast. We're transparent. And we offer world-class quality at the most competitive pricing due to our unfair advantage. We provide end-user training and support for end-user adoption even after the Salesforce implementation project has been completed
  • We’re analytics champions - We help you measure your business KPIs and provide actionable insights through dashboards & reports to help your business grow

Aekot's Unfair Advantage

Salesforce Architects

Our Salesforce implementation experts are certified Salesforce System & Application Architects. Our team members have successfully led projects for Fortune 100 companies and have completed over 50 projects.

Quality and Agility

We understand that you want top quality delivered yesterday. We believe that quality & speed are building blocks for truly creating value for our clients. With us, you never have to worry about things like code coverage, project timeline and proper documentation.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive price in the industry for Salesforce implementation services while keeping our commitment to quality and speed. How do we do it? It's simple. We build real and valuable relationships with our clients.

Beware of the potholes

The most common mistake made by companies while implementing Salesforce is negligence towards data integrity. The role of “clean data” in providing a seamless digital experience cannot be overemphasized. Lack of attention to data integrity leads to duplicacy, redundancy, inconsistency and missing data.

Aekot uses its own algorithms to ensure data integrity is always maintained in the org and across all systems. Don’t wait: Schedule a conversation with our in-house Salesforce expert to find out how you can increase your revenue goals.

Don’t wait: Schedule a virtual meeting with a Salesforce implementation expert to find out how you can transform your business and increase your revenue.

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