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One key USP of Salesforce CRM is that it’s highly customizable. It’s made to fit your business needs, and just like Lego, it can be customized to build almost anything that you want - just like the way you want it.

Difference between Salesforce Configuration and Salesforce Customization

If you’re new to Salesforce, a good starting point would be to understand the difference between Salesforce Configuration and Salesforce Customization.
The key difference between Salesforce Customization and Salesforce Configuration is that Salesforce Configuration requires no code and can be done through only point & click, whereas Salesforce Customization usually involves writing code to make changes to the org.
Salesforce Configuration examples include creating an email alert, adding/editing/deleting fields & objects, making custom reports, changing page layouts, etc.

Salesforce Customization examples include integrations with third party applications such as Docusign, Echosign, Outlook, Gmail, & Quickbooks, creating visual force pages, creating custom lightning components, writing apex classes and triggers, etc.
However in practical terms, these days Salesforce Configuration is considered to be a subset of Salesforce Customization.

Do you need Salesforce Customization?

If you’re not sure whether you need a Salesforce Customization specialist or not, then you probably do. A good way to find the answer to this question is to start some basic training here and consider three things - (i) Will I be able to learn & understand these modules quickly, (ii) if yes, then will I be able to set up and make my Salesforce org ready for business by the time I complete these modules, and (iii) if yes, Salesforce Configuration is an iterative process and requires continuous learning & effort, so do I have the time for it and am I willing to spend it on Configuring Salesforce and not elsewhere.

If the answer to all three questions is “Yes”, then you can start learning on Trailhead and begin configuring your Salesforce org for your business. But if the answer to any of the above three questions is “No”, then it is advisable to get help from an expert.

How Salesforce Customization helps your business?

Depending upon business context, Salesforce Customization can mean any of the following things -

Salesforce Customization to fit your business process

If you need to store more information on your leads or customers, give different access levels to different users, set up approval processes & workflows, send out automated emails to customers, build dashboards & reports to monitor your business and track performance metrics, Salesforce lets you configure and customize your org to fulfill all these.

Salesforce Customization to add a new functionality

Say, today you realize that you want Salesforce to automatically generate quotes and email them to your customers as soon as the agent marks the stage of a lead to “Prospecting” or if you want a custom made automated system to assign leads to your agents or if you want to auto-generate contracts & send them out to get e-signed by your customers, a Salesforce Customization expert can customize your Salesforce org to fulfill all these needs and add greater digital capabilities to your business.

Salesforce Customization to integrate a third-party application

Almost all businesses which are beyond their first phase of digital transformation feel the need to integrate different platforms or applications to streamline their business processes, improve efficiency of employees and increase the ease of running operations. This could mean an integration with hubspot to automate marketing campaigns, integration with outlook or gmail, integration with Docusing & Echosign for automation of document generation & e-sign process, integration with Google Drive to store and manage files or an integration with Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, etc to import and export data. Salesforce let’s you do all that and more to help your business grow faster.

Salesforce customization to build custom applications

Sometimes you may need to customize Salesforce to also serve a very specific need such as a system for human resource management, an application for managing manufacturing processes or a lending management application. A Salesforce Customization expert can build such custom apps to serve every digital need of your business.
Advantages of building custom applications on Salesforce - (i) Low of cost of development as reduces the time and effort required by 65-75% (ii) No issues with scaling as your business grows (iii) Highly customizable to accommodate features you don’t know you’d require in future (iv) Security is not a concern with all data centers being SAS 70 Type II, Sys Trust and ISO 27001 certified.

Process.. Process.. Process.!

As Salesforce customization specialists, we follow the best practices for that are sure to guarantee success.

We follow a similar process as we use for fresh Salesfroce implementation. We start with understanding your business, present technology environment, processes, goals and then work our way towards planning, execution, user-adoption and business intelligence. During the planning pahse, We lay the groundwork by creating a visual flow chart of how the user would interact with the system and how should the flow of information be governed between various systems and/or elements which are involved. After a thorough assessment of your business requirements and after considering anticipated changes in future, we figure out the best solution to fit your needs.

Once the design layout od Salesforce customization is decided, we make your Salesforce org ready for the changes by creating objects & fields and if need be, revising the data and security model. The best solution which was identified based on your business requirements is then executed and tested rigorously by out quality analysts. We ensure that the data integrity of the org stays intact and it’s transformed and stored in a way that can facilitate all your business processes and be used for dashboarding and reporting.

Finally, we conduct a training session for your team to help them understand and use the system. We also brief them about how new functionalities and data can help them unlock hidden insights into their KRAs.

Salesforce Customization - Why Go For An Expert?

Scalable & Robust Solution

An expert will ensure that your Salesforce org is able to support new features and integrations in the future. They're responsible for a great UX & adoption as well as reducing direct inter-dependency between systems and decoupled functionalities.

Control and Configuration

A Salesforce customization expert will maximize the extent of configurable settings without compromising UX. A no-code / low-code solution that's highly resilient & flexible allows the users to make necessary changes with point and click.

Security & Access

Salesforce customization experts design the security model to restrict access & permissions for different users and also ensure that communication with third-party apps do not expose your data to cyber attacks.


Salesforce customization specialists help you in getting a high return on investment (ROI) with your Salesforce investment by helping you close deals faster and increase your conversion rate.

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Why Aekot?

We are a small boutique salesforce consultancy and only work on a limited number of projects at a time. With customer satisfaction being our primary focus, we're more willing to provide the best in class services to each and every customer.

  • We pay attention to your business, goals and how your business runs. We’re very good at understanding & refining your business processes and then translating them into Salesforce solutions.
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  • We’re analytics champions - We also help you measure your business KPIs and provide actionable insights through dashboards & reports to help your business grow faster

Aekot's Unfair Advantage

Salesforce Architects

Our Salesforce implementation experts are certified Salesforce System & Application Architects. Our team members have successfully led projects for Fortune 100 companies and have completed over 50 projects.

Quality and Agility

We understand that you want top quality delivered yesterday. We believe that quality & speed are building blocks for truly creating value for our clients. With us, you never have to worry about things like code coverage, project timeline and proper documentation.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive price in the industry for Salesforce implementation services while keeping our commitment to quality and speed. How do we do it? It's simple. We build real and valuable relationships with our clients.

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