Salesforce Solution - Architecture and Redesign

What's a Salesforce Solution Architect?

Trust us, you made a great decision on the day you decided to use Salesforce. But, it's never easy to hit the bull's eye with the initial setup and design of the system. With ever evolving business processes, new requirements coming in every week and several third-party integrations happening every quarter - sooner or later - redesigning the Salesforce org to support your present and future requirements becomes inevitable.

A Salesforce Solution Architect will design the architecture of your org such that -

  • You stop running into problems every time you want Salesforce to be more than what it is today
  • Salesforce easily adapts to the growing needs of your team instead of the other way around

They said it!

The Technical Architect certification is considered the ultimate and is so rare. What I have seen is that usually a partner company will have 0 to 1 true architect and they will have many, many consultants.

Mike Wheeler

CEO of Mike Wheeler Media

We collaborated to design, build, and deploy complex applications. Anup consumed complex requirements, designed the architecture, and served as the intellectual standard bearer for his solutions and our entire application. His communication skills are excellent and his work ethic unquestionable.

Joe Mellet

VP of Tech, Product & Operations

On another note, I have heard that over half of the 200+ technical architects that exist are employed by Salesforce – so perhaps they ultimately want those people to work for the mothership?

Mike Wheeler

CEO of Mike Wheeler Media

Why is Salesforce Solution Architecture Important?

Scalable & Robust Solution

A salesforce solution architect ensures that the system is able to easily support new features and integrations in the future by reducing inter-dependency and decoupling functionalities.

Security & Access

Roles and permissions need to be clearly and cautiously assigned to all users and third-party apps to ensure security of your data and protection against human as well as cyber attacks.

Business Transformation

Salesforce must be setup and designed in way so it can be easily configured to welcome enhancements in business processses and operations. Salesforce should seamlessly adapt to changes so you don't have to.

Bang for the Buck

Salesforce - The World's #1 CRM does a lot more than managing your customer data. Automations, business intelligence and alignment of sales-service-marketing help in unleashing your business potential.

Looking for a Salesforce Solution Architect?

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Aekot's Unfair Advantage

Salesforce Architect

Anup - co-founder of Aekot - is 11x certified Salesforce System & Application Architect. In his 9 years of SFDC experience, he has successfully delivered projects for startups to Fortune 100 companies. Talk to him here or connect on LinkedIn.

Quality and Agility

We understand that you want top quality delivered yesterday. We believe that quality & speed are building blocks for truly creating value for our clients. With us, you never have to worry about things like code coverage, project timeline and proper documentation.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive price in the industry for Salesforce architecture & design while keeping our commitment to quality and speed. How do we do it? It's simple - by building valuable and long-term relationships with our clients.

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