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Anup and I worked closely together for three years where we spoke nearly every day as we collaborated to design, build, and deploy complex applications. He consumed complex requirements, designed the architecture, and served as the intellectual standard bearer for his solutions and our entire application. His communication skills are excellent and his work ethic unquestionable.

Joe Mellet

Anup was a key player on our development team. He is an extraordinary developer and has strong client skills. He has the ability to listen to the client's needs, ask the right questions, design and develop solutions to meet the requirements. This positions him as a consultant & developer rolled into one. He's a very reliable team player- always willing to go the distance.

Alison Liley

Anup is a great partner to work with. He leads our development team and is the solution architect I work closely with. I respect with Anup his ability to collaborate on solutions. He has a keen understanding of the balance between a technical solution and user adoption. Inspite of different time zones, Anup makes himself readily available. Anup would bring a ton of value to any team.

Matthew Nesci

I had the privilege of working with Anup on a major project for most of a year. I found his insight and knowledge invaluable in handling day to day issues as well as the much larger strategic vision and scope. Anup's feedback and suggestions both enhanced our end product as well as adding additional value. He would be an asset to any organization or project he works on.

Joshua Kornitsky

I have worked with Anup daily for almost two years, and I heartily recommend him for any technical leadership role. He has wide-ranging experience and technical knowledge of Salesforce development. He is more than willing to put in the extra effort to do things the right way or explore new technologies and methodologies. Our business owes a lot to Anup and his team.

Brian Oconnell

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